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Respect & Love to all. Thanks for watching. You can learn more about me below and follow the links to see the products and other creative outlets I produce.

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Our Soft Serve Ice Cream Specialty store.

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Car Danchi Movie series

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Bluetiful Photo Book

My hosting work for the city of Sapporo.
Visit Sapporo:

Neil Hartmann

Movie Production work for the beautiful town of Uchiko-cho in Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku.
Uchiko Town

My author profile on Outdoor Japan.
Outdoor Japan

1972年カリフォルニア州サンディエゴ生まれ。ニールに先駆けてアメリカから北海道へ移住した父親を訪ねて91年から北海道で暮らし始める、北海道のラジオ局(FM北海道、現AIR-G’)のラジオ司会者としての活動を開始。北海道テレビのスノーボード番組「no matter board」のオリジナル司会。98年長野オリンピックハーフパイプMCや日産エクストレイルジャムのレギュラーMCなど。90年代後半からスノーボード映像の撮影を独学で開始、自主製作のスノームービー『CAR DANCHI(車団地)』北海道在住のスノーボーダーのドキュメンタリー作品シリーズ。『CAR DANCHI』は、およそ1、2年に1タイトルのペースで発売を重ね、現在までに10作をリリース。最新作『CAR DANCHI 10』は2018年の秋に発売された。

Along with Client and professional work, Neil created his own series of Snowboard documentary films entitled “Car Danchi” The first episode was released in 2005 and a total of 10 titles were produced over 14 years. As the video industry evolved and new outlets for creativity and promotion like social media arose, Neil, shifted again to incorporate this new media. For the last several years, Neil has focused on creating photo and video content for many brands, cities, and towns that concentrate on tourism and travel. “Visit Sapporo” YouTube channel video content. Uchiko Town in Shikoku video and photo production, Rusutsu Resort TV commercials, Social media management for Chalet Ivy Hotel brand, Rusutsu Resort, Niseko Moiwa Resort, and Promotional video production for Tokyu Grand Hirafu Resort, NEC, Sapporo City Ainu promotion, and more.

Besides the video production, Neil and his wife Erina own and manage a Soft Ice Cream specialty shop called “Locale-JZK” In the summer season you can find Neil and Erina greeting customers at the location in Jozankei Onsen. In the winter the shop moves to the top of Sapporo Kokusai resort, Sapporo’s largest ski area. Customers can enjoy delicious Hokkaido soft ice cream at 1,100 meters elevation during the ski season.


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