AKBINGO! episode 89 Segment – Geinoukai! Teppen Teacher!!

AKBINGO! was AKB48’s weekly variety show, and the longest running of its kind. It was originally named AKB 1ji 59fun! and went on to become AKB 0ji 59fun! when its time slot was moved up an hour.

From April 2, 2013, the airing date of AKBINGO! was moved from Wednesday night to Tuesday night. The final episode aired on September 24, 2019. In March 2021, the show was revived for a one-hour special called “AKBINGO NEO” with members chosen via the group’s smartphone game, AKB48 no Dobboun! Hitori Jime. Due to popular demand, it was brought back for a second episode on July 20th, 2021.

The format was adapted to other shows: NOGIBINGO!, KEYABINGO!, SETOBINGO! and HINABINGO!.


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